Every free moment is more important today than ever, our mission is to make it an unforgettable experience. That is why we are preparing units and rides for you, giving priority to safety, comfort and accessibility. Relax and have fun.

Personal Watercraft

30 years of business makes us an experienced and secure partner for your business as well as for your free time with your family. Try modern and reliable seadoo of water scooters and treat yourself to an unforgettable ride on the sea.



Flyboard is a specially designed system that connects on one end with jet ski (SeaDoo) and the other with your feet. There are two throttle control options. As you learn to fly, you will have an instructor on a personal watercraft that controls throttle. Taste a flight over the sea, is often much easier than you expect.


Banana Boat

An inflatable tube that is shaped just like a banana and is connected to a jet ski, which pulls it along the water. Everyone riding the banana boat must hold on as tight as possible so they are not dropped in the water. The banana boat ride is a fun and exciting activity that both children and grownups can enjoy. Our banana boat can accommodate 6 people.



An inflatable tube that is shaped like a couch and is connected to a jet ski that drifts by the sea. Enjoy this exciting ride sitting with your friends while your jet ski pulls you around. Great fun guaranteed.



Inflatable tubes shaped like doughnats connected to a jet ski towing them ond the sea. Bring a friend and test strenght and endurance on this exciting ride.


Stand up Paddle

Some consider stand up paddling ultimate fitness in nature, others use it as meditation on the move, while some just enjoy balancing. You do not need the experience; choose the type of experience you want and try this popular activity.



We offer recreational kayaks designed for occasional paddles interested in fishing, photography or peaceful rowing on a lake, a stream of sea water or a protected salt water away from strong ocean waves. Relax and spend a quiet time at the sea.



The activity includes tow rope, skiis and jet ski. The participant is pulled on skiis and tries to do keep balance. Experience required.



The activity includes tow rope, board and jet ski. The participant is pulled on a small board and tries to do tricks on the waves made by the jet ski. Experience required.